Rules for ALL roleplays

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Rules for ALL roleplays

Post  Chibi Otaku on Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:34 pm

Okay, as most people know, you need rules to control a group of people and make them successful. So as any other site would, I have rules too.

1) I am Goddess of this forum, so please respect me and listen to the listed rules.
2) Violation of these rules is absolutely unacceptable and you may be removed from the group.
3) NO perverted material, anything considered disgusting or perverse will be removed as welll as the author.
4.) Please keep violence to a decent level based on the roleplay.
5.) Please keep things PG-13
6.) Please stay active
7.)Rules may be added so check back occasionally
8.) Have fun~
Chibi Otaku
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